7 Ways to make a mid-life crisis a positive thing

7 Ways to make a mid-life crisis a positive thing

Author: Marianne Glaeser, published by SHEKNOWS.

Mid-life offers a wake-up call to be your best self with just a little help

It tends to happen in an instant: the midlife shift.

Maybe it’s the glimpse we catch in the rearview mirror while driving or an unexpected encounter with ourselves on FaceTime. It can be the cute clerk’s form of address, conveying respect for someone older than herself. However our midlife moment shows up, one thing we can be sure of: It will change us — forever.

For me, it was the “dreadful selfie” experience. Four frustrating attempts to get the picture right, blaming my phone, its camera and the light. Then it happened. There was a sudden silence screaming into this frustrated noise, commanding me to pause. I took a deep breath and sat down to have a closer look. Yes, I did zoom in — pitilessly. I could hardly see through the veil of tears, but it was too obvious to not get it: It’s time to let go of my youth. It’s gone!
In a society that prioritizes beauty, youth and sex, the midlife experience tends to get reduced to what we are loosing: youthful looks, grown-up kids, aging parents and trusted partners.

“Hurray, finally 50!” I don’t think so. We habitually cringe at the mere thought of getting there.

It certainly takes some effort to penetrate midlife’s “disguise” and see it’s blessing; but, wow, is it worth it!
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