Imagine This: My Letter to John Lennon.

Imagine This: My Letter to John Lennon.

ImagineAuthor: Marianne Glaeser, published on Elephant Journal

Dear John,

It’s been a long time. I am thinking of you more often these days—usually after watching the news. It’s getting harder to imagine the beautiful world you created in your song.

The world is hurting. Hell is not below us. No imagination needed; it’s right in our midst.

I listened to “Imagine” yesterday, intently, for the first time in many years. This song has been with me through most of my life. I was a teenager when it first came out. To this day, I remember the starlit sky I gazed into half the night while replaying it over and over. I felt deeply understood in the space it created, encouraged to simply be how I was, heartbroken, sad, yet dreaming of a better world.

But life went on, and so did I. It was yesterday, while listening to “Imagine,” that I found a subtle distance inhibiting my immersion into the music, turning me into more of a melancholic observer. For the first time, I was struggling to get into the rhythm of your innocent vision.
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