Why Crises are Part of Every Healthy Relationship.

Why Crises are Part of Every Healthy Relationship.

The Cleansing Effect of Relational Proximity.

Author: Marianne Glaeser, published on Elephant Journal.

Love—a topic nobody can really escape. We may avoid thinking about engineering or agriculture, if we choose to. But every single one of us has to deal with love in one way or another: either because we are enjoying it, or we are struggling with it, or simply because we are missing it.

Undoubtedly, falling in love is one of the most memorable experiences in our lives—as close as it gets to heaven…if reciprocated. Yet, as we all know, this heavenly state so easily turns into hell.

What is going on here?

Both my own marriage of almost 30 years and my work as a counselor and coach have taught me that relationships do follow certain laws. Although there is no such thing as a “recipe for successful relationships,” understanding and honoring these principles can be a crucial step towards a happier life as a couple.
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