About Coaching

Why Coaching?

The most common reason why people are interested in coaching is their desire for change.

Coaching is a partnership between Coach and Client with the aim of bridging the gap between the Client’s present situation and where s/he wants to be.

Change requires courage. It’s often experienced as a jump into the unknown, rendering us vulnerable and helpless. We hate feeling that way and tend to give preference to the numbing cocoon of our comfort zone – to the expense of a fulfilled life.

Having the luxury of a Coach in times of change can make all the difference.

 “If you could make one change in your life at this point, what would it be?”

The answer to this question would be the potential target for our Coaching project.

Hiring a coach is like zooming in on your potential and dreams; it is this focus-amplifying nature, which facilitates the accelerated development and efficient changes that good coaching is known for.

What to expect?

Coaching projects typically take between 3 and 6 months. Once my clients have achieved what they were aiming for, they might opt for periodical check-ins to make sure they’d keep up the momentum.