About my work

My experience as a Counselor and Coach with all levels of society on three different continents is surely one of the most eminent assets I bring to the coaching process.

The insights gained during all these years plus a deep joy in witnessing people’s growth, earn my clients’ permission to support and challenge them in their pursuit of a fulfilled life.

After years of focusing on Trauma and Couple counselling, I have decided to put my emphasis on Coaching. The main reason for this decision was my realization that what I am best at is supporting my clients to recognize and develop their personal potential. I also much prefer dealing with “what’s right” with people and taking it from there.

I’ve observed that the turning point that moves a ‘crisis’ into ‘growth’ is often triggered by a shift of perspective, an insight, a deeper understanding of the situation.

Asking the vital question or making the right suggestion is indeed an art rooted in knowledge, expertise and a strong intuition, all of which constitute the core of my professional ‘tool-box’.