Online Support Groups

Teenage Meets Mid-life

It sounds like an irony of nature, but fact is that when our kids go through adolescence many of us are dealing with our own transition РMidlife.  As there obviously are a lot of hormones involved we must not be surprised about our frequent emotional roller coasters.  Getting support during these challenging years is a wise thing to do, and once we are ready to share our own trials we will be surprised how many others are struggling with the very same issues. You are not alone!

Having raised 3 sons (29, 23 and 15), I have learned some lessons that also help me in my endeavour to support others to navigate the teenage minefields and evolve not just unharmed, but stronger and wiser than before.

This Online-Group works on a weekly basis in 60 minutes sessions 3 times a month.

For more details please contact me.