When we believe it, we will see it.

The power of vision is extraordinary. It transforms the ways we look at the world. It can take us from flapping in the middle of a flock to soaring the heights we’ve never dreamed of.

But we have to be willing to trust it, to come out to our edge, because it’s here on the edge that we find the winds that take us higher.

If we’re going to really learn to soar we have to know ourselves as well as our craft. I realize that if I was going to take it higher in my own life, I had to spend time not just with what I do but with who I am. Boy, that’s a lot harder! At least it was for me. Discovering who I was and being comfortable with it – a lot harder than taking a photograph!

And yet – I know that was the move from good frame to great frame, that was the edge I’d had to press, that edge in each of our lives between success and significance, that subtle edge between being the best in the world and being the best for the world.”

Dewitt Jones, Photojournalist for National Geographics