reviews1“Three months of online coaching with Marianne have fundamentally changed my approach to my work–and helped stave off an impending mid-life crisis. Marianne combines a super-sympathetic approach with an amazing ability to uncover what is really going on. I had to work hard, there is no doubt about that, but the payoff has been immense. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”
Louise Shaxson, Research Fellow, London UK

“What I have enjoyed about our time together is the mirror that Marianne’s insight and skills puts up. She reflected my language, my actions back to me in such a way that I could see very clearly. She then coached and encouraged me to understand that situation, recognise my role – and my power – in it. Through that I was able to see alternative courses of action I could have taken – and will be able to take in the future. Our time together has shown me the options I have, the power I have to choose, and to be more bold in my life!  Through honest, reflective and positive reflection together, I have increased my understanding of myself, my fears, my talents and my power. Focusing on what is important – not just urgent – in my life, spending time and putting thought into what is going on, supported and guided and energised by Marianne is really effective. I can’t think of a better way to address the big, neglected and difficult issues.”
Aileen Lyon, International Development Worker, UK

“What I find so effective about Marianne’s style of coaching is the fine balance that she holds between being completely empathetic and understanding of ones weaknesses and struggles whilst simultaneously nudging and encouraging one toward ones highest aspirations. It creates a powerful synergy of safety and inspiration.  Her other quality which I find incredibly helpful is her ability to strip away the superfluous, and hone in on the crux of the matter with extraordinary clarity and vision. She steers me in the storm, in the fog and even on the brightest days when distraction abounds,  holding a steadfast course to my end goal. I could not have done this without her! I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wants more from any arena of their lives.”
Cecilia Leete, Jeweller & Artist, UK

“Marianne makes you work through your goals  and makes you accountable for decisions you need to make. She is a keen listener; able to pick on many nuances and asks focused questions to make you reflect on what you have said. She is not afraid to challenge you or tread on issues.  Each session ended with concrete goals and agreed-upon results l needed to work on as well as a client feedback form that l was to hand prior to the session. This makes you think before your sessions and keeps you honest and accountable.  I found her very perceptive and this could be attributed to the synergy between  her qualities as a counselor and a coach.  She provided the necessary support l needed to address the goals l had before our sessions.  I would recommend Marianne as a coach to anyone who is serious about working on their plan or finding out what they really want to do”. Dorothy Ooko, Sub Sahara Africa Communications Specialist, Kenya

I want to celebrate Marianne. When you meet her, she connects with you deeply within a very short time and you just KNOW that with her you are safe. I thought I could benefit from coaching to sort out my chaotically busy life which is made up of a full time job, husband, three kids and four dogs, sport and social activities. So I asked Marianne to help me do so. She did not sort out anything. Instead, she showed me how to recognize the real underlying issues that was preventing me from appreciating and enjoying my wonderful, rich life. Then she was there to guide and support me to face up to each issue that revealed itself and to deal with it appropriately. Hard work and very tough at times! But so rewarding too.  The outcomes were amazing! I have learned so much about myself in this process and I will recommend this personal journey under Marianne’s expert and sensitive guidance to everyone who wants to make the most of his/her life.
Santie de Villiers, PhD Plant Biotechology, South Africa

Over the years, I had heard of coaching but was hesitant to try it.  With the complementary session, I thought what do I have to lose.  After committing to a move ahead, I realized that online coaching was the perfect tool that I needed in my life right now.  I have found out more about who I am in the past few months, then in the past 10 years. Marianne appreciates my journey and where I think I would like to go.  With her guidance, I am peeling back layers of work, stress, to reveal the life that matters.  Simply amazing!
Rachael Howell, New Mexico, USA